Our Mission

AFRO SOCA LOVE is a movement aimed at strengthening the connection between Africa and its diaspora through the arts, community and creativity.
ASL Supply, as an extension of AfroSocaLove, is a multifaceted brand who's mission is to grow commerce surrounding Africa and it’s diaspora. ASL Supply was founded in 2018 by artist “Maga Stories” as an expansion of his mother’s clothing business. Born a muse to his mother’s unique designs, Maga’s mother was unable to afford clothes for him as a child. His mother used her sewing skills to make her own clothes for him. Her eye catching designs grew her clientele by word of mouth. Maga's mother replaced consumption with creation by transcending her circumstances and turning it into a business. 
In 2009, “Maga Stories” continued his mother and son collaboration as he expanded the business from her home to clients across the world. The brand took off when celebrities such as Zendaya, Shaun King, Machel Montano and more were spotted rocking the brand. Maga Stories made it his mission to expose emerging minority brands into the global marketplace just as he has with his mother. Each year the Love Tribe ( Afro Soca Love ) employs hundreds of people of the African Diaspora while supporting the development of black owned small businesses through various endeavor


Afro Soca Love is a movement that was created to shine a positive light and destroy the negative stereotypes of the African Diaspora.


We make the majority of the products in-house, both sewing and printing. We sometimes partner with different brands and wholesalers to make sure we have top of the line quality for our customers. Each design was created and inspired by the founder and his mother.


We stand against the lies and false stereotypes that have been spoken against the African Diaspora. We celebrate all the communities all over the world who have deep ancestral roots in the African continent. It's our responsibility to shine a light that cannot be ignored and reconnect with our TRIBE across the world.


"This is a dedication to my ancestors. Those who made the greatest sacrifices for our generation to reap greater rewards.

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about us and also who I am. On my mother's side I've managed to trace my ancestry back to the Yoruba tribe in West Africa. My ancestors were brought to plantations in St Lucia as slaves. I've also managed to trace my ancestors from my father side. I've learned that my father's Tamil ethnicity derived from a great migration from regions of Ethiopia to Sri Lanka in Asia.

If there is anything I want us to take away from this movement, it's that we all have our own story and history. It's important to celebrate how unique we are as a different cultures of the diaspora. It's also just as important to dig deep and find out what connects us all. We are all linked, one to the other."

- Maga Stories